Our Mission & Our Name

Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals and other essential workers with the support and supplies they need to heal the sick, prevent disease, and promote health. During this unprecedented worldwide pandemic, we are focused on serving those on the frontlines.

Minerva Medica LLC takes its name from the Roman goddess Minerva. As Minerva Medica, she was the goddess of medicine and doctors. In addition, this goddess of wisdom was the goddess of arts, trade, and strategy in war, which is fitting as we fight this pandemic war.  Minerva Medica is also the name of a well respected bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal established in 1909 and published in English and Italian by Edizioni Minerva Medica, and this is also fitting since we focus on evidence-based, scientific approaches to problems. 

Minerva Medica LLC is dedicated to doctors, nurses, researchers, administrators, essential workers, and patients everywhere. We provide leadership coaching, strategic consultation, and access to critically needed services and supplies to help these heroes save lives every day. 


Our team

Carol Loftur-Thun

CEO, Interim CEO, Leadership Coach, CPHIMS

Executive Director of Health Tech Access Alliance with 20 years of permanent and interim CEO experience leading 11 nonprofits organizations in crisis and during crises, including the H1N1 epidemic and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Specializes in turnarounds, mergers, re-starts and start-ups. Focused on change management, risk management, and leadership development for Health IT, nonprofits, and healthcare system transformation. 


  • Georgetown University, Institute for Transformational Leadership, Executive Leadership Coaching Program

  • George Washington University, MBA studies

Professional Experience & Certifications:

Permanent and interim CEO, Executive Director, and COO for My Sister's Place, Public Allies, New Community for Children, The Women's Center, BRAVO, Free the Slaves, Women Empowered Against Violence, SERVE, CrisisLink, and ALIVE!. International Coaching Federation ACC Certificate (Expected Jan 2021); Certified Professional in Health Information Systems (CPHIMS).

Dr. Zeyad AlShAmmari

International Relations & Public Policy, Ph.D.

Geopolitical forecaster and strategist on international affairs, with a focus on bridging and building policy, economic and diplomatic relationships between the U.S., Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), and Gulf Coast Countries (GCC).  Skilled in geopolitical risk analysis, public policy development, conflict resolution, peace building, cultural and international relations.


  • Howard University, Ph.D in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy

  • King Abdullah Scholar

professional Experience & Awards:

Served with senior Congressional Representative member from Florida to House of Representatives; Department of Defense; American Bar Association; Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships; Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia in New York City. Named by Richtopia as one of "Top 100 Most Influential Geopolitics Experts World Wide" in 2017.