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Everyone can be a leader.

And everyone needs a coach.

Awareness. Insight. Action. Wisdom.

You already have within you what you need to succeed. But sometimes getting on the escalator going up is hard to do. Coaching allows you to clarify your goals, transform and take yourself to a new level, and turn your vision into real results. 

We partner with you on your journey of leadership transformation to challenge assumptions, gain clarity, and try new things. Coaching empowers you to hone your voice, grow your superpowers, and take your place in transforming our world.

Drawing on neuroscience, leadership research, and evidence-based techniques, we ask provocative questions, offer observations, hold space for exploration, and support profound change.  Whether it's coaching for yourself or your team, we invite you to get in touch and learn more.

It's the stories we tell ourselves that we become, and the stories we share with the world that shape our futures together.

Carol Loftur-Thun


Everyone needs a strategy.

Goals. Plans. How to get from goals to results. 

First of all, we listen. You know your team, your mission, and your goals the best. Our job is to listen, and we listen on many levels. Then we model respect, empathy, and understanding to help you and your team listen to your patients and clients.


Second, we partner with you to see new possibilities and turn challenges and crises into opportunities. We take a strengths-based approach to your triple-bottom-line (TBL). We focus on economic, social and environmental sustainability, and help you navigate blindspots to develop the vision to see clearly where you want to go.


Third, we help you craft a sound, sustainable strategy to get you where you want to go. You and your team engage in 360-degree thinking so you own the process and product. It fits your culture, your brand, your market and your deepest aspirations. Your strategy is truly yours.


Everyone communicates.

And communication either makes or breaks you. 

Coaching and strategy depend on communication to become meaningful and productive. Communicating with management, teams, patients and clients is the way lasting relationships are built. Telling the story makes ideas come alive, creates shared vision and experiences, and gets things done right the first time. 


From training your team in Active Listening Skills, to facilitating partnership meetings, or designing, writing and producing your annual report, we know communication. Our skills include the written and spoken word, as well as visual communication. We not only know the nuts and bolts of how words, grammar, and graphic design work, we know how to weave the magic to make stories stick. 


Whether it's a patient brochure, a compelling report, a key speech, or a critical kick-off, we help you communicate your story with style.


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Everyone needs someone to depend on.

Butcher. Baker. Candlestick maker.

With our experience spanning academia, community health centers, nonprofits, government and private business, we've done everything from planning a leadership conference for 800 women from Fortune 500 companies to writing million dollar federal grants and planning security for an international film crew, plus everything in between.  

When you need a dependable ally to pinch-hit as an interim CEO or COO, or a right-hand person to manage a special project, we can get it done.

As dependable as we are, we know we don't know it all. What we do know is who you should know. 

With our wide experience--literally spanning the globe--and relationships ranging from NGOs to Capitol Hill, we've worked with talented experts who can help with everything from healthcare cybersecurity to women's empowerment.

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