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Goddess of Strategic & Defensive War


Besides being the goddess of wisdom and medicine, Minerva was also the goddess of strategic and defensive war.  With her shield, the aegis, Minerva was fearless as a protectress of those in battle. Her aegis was a magical breastplate or shield featuring Medusa's head, and was given to Minerva by Jupiter himself. Aegis has come to mean "the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization."  During this pandemic war, Minerva's protective, strategic quality is a fitting model for our services. 

global Sourcing


Minerva Medica connects governments, hospitals, physicians, and businesses with frontline workers with sources for high quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), equipment, and supplies needed to keep their staff safe, and protect patients and customers during this unprecedented pandemic. For a list of sample products with estimated delivery times and other details, please visit our webpage PPE Protection.

Global RISK Strategy

Minerva Medica also provides consulting on global risk strategy to help businesses, governments, and nonprofits understand geopolitical forces, supply chain trends, and emerging risks and opportunities. In this global economy, even hyper local organizations are impacted by events around the world.  To learn more, Contact Us.


Minerva Statue Bucherest copy.png

Minerva holding Nike, the goddess of victory, in Budapest, Hungary

Image by Brett Zeck


While we all wage war on this pandemic, Minerva Medica continues to provide leadership coaching, business strategy, communications, and CEO services during this time of rapid change and increased risk. For more information about our coaching and consulting, please visit What We Do.

Examples of PPE Sourcing

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