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  • Schedule a Call: production runs up to 5 million NICOSH N95 per day

  • Schedule a Call: production runs of up to 50 million masks per day

  • Schedule a Call: Rapid COVID-19 kits with 95% accuracy in 30 minutes

Exceptional Production & Delivery TimeS

  • Turnaround time: 1 day production
  • Shipping: 7 days
  • Urgent Delivery: Chartered flight if required

“Minerva Medica is helping us save American lives by connecting producers with decision-makers to provide hospitals and healthcare professionals with the PPE and test kits they desperately need.”

Mohammed AlRaseed


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ABOUT Minerva Medica

Minerva Medica LLC began in July 2019 to provide support, strategy, and leadership coaching for healthcare professionals and administrators facing an increasingly stressful, dynamic, and challenging healthcare landscape. 


In March 2020, Minerva Medica answered the call to bring critically needed supplies and equipment to healthcare workers in order to fight the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. 

Minerva Medica draws on its team's experience in developing global relationships, responding to crises, and leading organizations to address the needs of the most vulnerable.

meet the team

Dr. Zeyad AlShAmmari

Zeyad Alshammari is an international government relations and policy expert educated in the United States with a doctorate in political science, international relations and public policy. Zeyad has worked for a senior member of the Florida delegation in the US House of Representatives, at the United Nations in New York, at the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia in New York City, for the American Bar Association, for the Principality of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia, and in leading international media, law and policy organizations. He is a published author with a focus on global trends, societal change, diplomacy challenges and U.S.-Arab relations. 

Carol Loftur-Thun

An entrepreneurial, strategic leader, Carol Loftur-Thun is Executive Director of Health Tech Access Alliance and an leadership coach.  For 20 years, she has been nimble and pragmatic in leading organizations and turning crises into opportunities. Carol led CrisisLink during the H1N1 epidemic and in the aftermath of Katrina. She specializes in turnarounds as permanent and interim CEO and COO for regional and international nonprofits focused on healthcare cybersecurity and compliance, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental illness, human trafficking, and suicide. She led efforts to raise over $31 million for these causes.

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