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COaching &
consulting to get you where you want to go.

How we Empower You

Coaching, Strategy, & Communications for change.

We help you develop your leadership skills, coach and train your team, plan your business and global strategy, and tell your story.
Leading change, sound strategy, and compelling communication are more critical than ever. With over 30 years combined experience, we provide leadership coaching and training, business and geopolitical strategy, and communications. We also provide interim leader services.
We know how to listen well, tame chaos, turn vision into results, create partnerships, and empower others to be exceptional leaders.

We work with leaders and organizations in:

  • Healthcare
  • Health IT
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Government, and
  • Nonprofits

We partner with visionary leaders worldwide, including:
  • entrepreneurs
  • social enterprise innovators
  • physicians,
  • nurses
  • hospital administrators
  • technology experts
  • educators
  • government and nonprofit leaders
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What We Do









How We support You

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Leadership & Career

Coaching & Training

Leadership and career coaching is for professionals at all levels--C-suite to students. Leadership is a skill, a practice, & a mindset--not a title. Coaching is proven to improve performance, and lead to accelerated team and organizational success. Try a free 1x1 session with our Georgetown University certified leadership coach, and see the difference this can make in feeling more confident and authentic, reducing stress, seeing new options, and improving performance.

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Carol Loftur-Thun


Business & Geopolitical

global Strategy & SOURCING 

The world is more complex, interconnected, and dangerous than ever. From hospitals facing shortages due to disrupted supply chains and clinics trying to implement telehealth technology in just weeks, every business and nonprofit faces unprecedented risks, and also unforeseen opportunities. We help you develop the strategies to succeed, whether that is business strategy for an entrepreneur, or geopolitical risk assessment for healthcare supply chains. 

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Zeyad Alshammari, Ph.D.

Old Typewriter

Marketing & Media


Crises make communication more imperative than ever. Making sure your message is clear and compelling means telling your story visually and emotionally.  Cutting through the noise to communicate authentically requires a keen eye and ear, plus a sharp pen and a confident voice. Our team can help you design a website, create a brochure, grow your social media presence, write an e-book, or speak with passion to an audience of one, or to thousands. 

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Carol Loftur-Thun

Start-ups, Turnarounds & Nonprofits

501 (c) 3 Applications


Product & Services Development


Media Relations

Board Relations

Financial Management

Federal Grants Management & Compliance

HR Policies, Procedures & Management


Heading 3

Interim CEO Services & Consulting

  • 20+ years as CEO leading local, regional, national, & international nonprofits

  • Led regional mental health practice with over 4,000 clients and 90 employees. 

  • Led raising $31 million for nonprofits

  • Led successful turnarounds, mergers, and re-starts for 9 organizations 

  • Expertise in healthcare, health IT, mental health, suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and hunger

  • International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach

  • Certified Professional in Health Information Management Systems

  • Born in Ecuador, lived in Lebanon and Britain, studied in India, Malta, Greece

  • Advanced training in facilitation and negotiation

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“Minerva Medica salutes healthcare professionals around the world. These doctors and nurses were soldiers on the frontlines in this pandemic war. They are our heroes.


And this includes the researchers, entrepreneurs, administrators, technology experts, pharmacists, home health aides, and every other hero helping us win this global war.

Carol Loftur-Thun, CPHIMS, ACC

Minerva Medica LLC


We're here for you 5 days a week during business and evening hours.

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ABOUT Minerva Medica


Minerva Medica


Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Medicine, Strategy, Commerce, Arts & Victory


Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, strategy, commerce, arts, victory and peace. Minerva's symbol is the owl, and she is often depicted with her spear and shield, the aegis. As goddess of healing and patron of physicians, she is known as Minerva Medica. The snake around her staff is the ancient symbol of medicine. 

Minerva Medica LLC grew out of 20+ years leading turnarounds as a nonprofit CEO, and 10+ years of working with governments, businesses and international organizations on strategy and partnerships, and well as media and social media.


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we wanted to help healthcare workers keep themselves, their families, and patients safer. We provided leadership coaching and training for healthcare professionals during this historic changing and challenging landscape. We draw on our  experience in building relationships, responding to crises, and leading organizations through turbulent times.

meet the team

Dr. Zeyad AlShAmmari
Vice President

A gifted diplomat and natural leader, Zeyad Alshammari is an international government relations and policy expert with a doctorate in political science, international relations and public policy. Zeyad was the first Saudi citizen to be a Congressional intern and worked for a senior member of the Florida delegation in the US House of Representatives. He has also worked at the United Nations, the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia, the American Bar Association, the Principality of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia, and in leading international media, law, and policy organizations. He is a published author with a focus on global trends, societal change, diplomacy and U.S.-Arab relations. Zeyad is an internationally ranked geopolitical analyst, and frequent commentator on France24 and other major media channels with over 30,000 Twitter followers. He teaches international relations at Northern Virginia Community College.

Carol Loftur-Thun


An entrepreneurial, strategic leader, Carol Loftur-Thun is Executive Director of Health Tech Access Alliance, an ICF Associate Certified Coach, and a Certified Professional in Health Information Management Systems (CPHIMS). For 20+ years, she has been a nimble and pragmatic CEO, leading organizations and turning crises into opportunities. She led successful efforts to raise over $31 million for nonprofits, and executed turnarounds, mergers, and re-starts for nine organizations.  Carol led CrisisLink during the H1N1 epidemic and aftermath of Katrina, and is a member of a public-private partnership working to protect national security and critical infrastructure, including healthcare. She has led regional, national and international organizations focused on health technology, cybersecurity, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental illness, human trafficking, and suicide. 

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